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Where to Shop

When shopping on the local economy there are a few German Words you need to learn. The first word is Stoff (Fabric); the second word is Baumwolle (Cotton). Any time you see these words you know what you are going to find. There are a few places in the local area you can shop. Be aware that most American Fabrics are imported so they will cost a little more but it is still worth shopping.

Shops in the Local area...

Vogelweh Main BX
They have nice cottons as well as a few other fabrics. You will be able to find many quilting supplies here. They have batting, they offer craft supplies and a whole lot more. There is a Pfaff sewing machine department as well. Open everyday

Stoff Hemmer
This is a great store for those who like to sew. It offers much more than fabric. It meets all your sewing notion needs. It has a variety of fabrics, cottons as well others.

Take the Kaiserslautern West exit. Take the next exit. You are in a Circle. Exit towards Real and Toys R Us (3rd exit) you are on Merkur Str. Go past T-R-U. At the Babyfant turn left this is Denis Str. Follow this road around; Stoffe Hammer is on the left.

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. 0631-50520

Karstadt Department Store
This is a local Chain store. It is like any department store in the states. In the basement it has a small but nice selection of fabrics. You have to look hard but you will find some nice bargains. Karstadt is located down town Kaiserslautern. Close to the walk platz. It has a parking garage, which makes it convenient for shopping.

Take B-40 coming form Vogelweh also called Pariser Str continue on this street at one point It will turn into a one-way and change names. You will be heading towards the Klinkum, also follow the white Stadtmitte sings. When you come to a church on your left then you will turn left. Continue on, Karstadt is on your left. The walk platz is on your Right. There is parking all around. If you want to park in the parking garage you will have to pass up the store and take the next left to circle back towards it. Mon- Sat 9am-6pm

Das Patchworkhaus
This quaint out of the way shop is owned by one of our members Bea. It offers so much more than just great quilting fabrics. They have a great selection of threads and books. The also offer wonderful classes and they create some beautiful quilts. You may use a VAT form here.

It is on the way to Heidelberg via A-6. Take the Frankentahl exit. Stay on the main road following Zentrum sign (this means city center.) on your right you will pass McDonalds. When you come to a large Archway you turn right. Then the road will curve left about a quarter of a mile or less. The shop is at the next intersection on the left. Find a place to park in the area, along the street. There is a parking garage around the corner.

Heidelberg Arts & Crafts
This is the biggest and the most popular store here in the local area. It takes about an Hour to drive there, but well worth it. You will find a large selection of up to date popular fabrics, Everything from Hoffman to Deddie Mum. There are fat quarters galore. Tons of quilting rulers, rotary blades, and accessories, you name it they have it.

How to get there? Take A-6 direction Mannheim. Stay on A-6 until you see exit A-656 direction Heidelberg. Follow the Autobahn until it runs it to the city. Stay in the right hand lane as the autobahn ends you come to a set of lights, turn right at the 2nd light, you will see a small white sign saying Patton Barracks. Now get into the left lane, this road comes to a T you will turn left. On your right you will see the BX and Commissary area. (This is also a great place to buy fabric.) Keep going straight, get in the right lane and at the 3rd light you will turn right the sign will say Speyer (this is Speyer Str.). You will pass under a Bridge. Just after you pass under the bridge you will turn left at the next light. This is the gate. It is a little tricky after you enter through the gate. You will have to head to the back Right side of the post. Ask the Gate guard the best way to get to Main Street USA. This is building 104. You will have to do a little weaving around buildings, several of the streets are one way. One entrance Says Main Street USA The craft store is up the stairs. Leaving you will have to weave your way back through to the gate.

Building 104, Patton Barracks, Heidelberg

DSN 373-7167 civ. 06221-177167 Wed-Th 10am-8:30pm Fri-Sun 10am-5pm. Closed Monday & Tuesday

Manufactum in Homburg
This shop has over 1000 fabrics for patchwork. They also have some notions. Owner speaks English. The hours are funny:

Monday - Friday 9:00-12:00

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday they open again in the afternoon from 3:00-6:00.

Saturday 10:00-1:00

The telephone number is 06841-171300

To get there:

Take A6 direction Saarbrucken. Exit for Homburg. At the end of the exit ramp turn right towards Homburg. Drive into Homburg. After you go under the train bridge turn left at the 3rd stop light onto Talstrasse. At round-about turn first right then follow priority road which veers left towards the Altstadt. Shop is 2-3 blocks down on the left side of street (before you get to the fountains or where they hold the farmers market)

Anna's Basar

Located in Ladenburg, between Mannheim and Heidelberg. Very small but has some beautiful fabrics and carries 505 basting spray for 14 Euro for a large can.

Do you know a place to shop that is not listed? E-mail us.