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International Sunbonnet Sue
We are starting a project for advanced quilters who are interested. "International Sue" is a variation on the traditional Sunbonnet Sue. Each participant will select a different country and then design and sew as many 10" blocks as there are prticipants in the project. You will have three months to complete your blocks, then we will swap at the end of March. You will then have another three months to complete your quilt. All the quilts will be presented at Show-n-Tell in the fall.

Dutch Treat Challenge
This challenge is in honor of last spring's European Quilt Expo in the Netherlands.
1. Your entry must be a minimum of 60" in at lease one dimension (side).
2. You must use a minimum of one fat quarter of authentic Dutch fabric, which can be purchased anywhere.
3. The quilt must contain at least one tulip somewhere on the quilt (front, back, label, etc.). the tulip must be pieced, appliqued, or stitched, etc; it cannot simply be in the pattern of the fabric.
4. The quilt must be completely finished: quilted, bound, and labeled.
5. It must have a means for hanging: for example, sleeve tabs, etc
6. New deadline- MAY****
Any member can enter. You did not have to attend the Quilt Expo in Den Haag. Winners will be determined by combined vote of day and night meetings.

Dutch Treat Contestants and Winners

Christmas Star Challenge
1. This paper pieced pattern is for an 18" star. This star will be made in Christmas colors/fabrics. You will need to make 6 blocks- turn in 5 and keep one. The blocks with a self addresed envelope need to be turned in by the Night meeting in September. You will get 5 back via MPS.
2. Each participant will need to make at least a 50" x 60" finished quilt to be judged at the combined Christmas meeting. So far there are enough participants to make that size quilt (2 blocks across, 3 blocks down).
3. The winner will be decided at the Christmas meeting and will receive the grand prize. With as many participants as we have it may have to be split into catergories.
4. Fabric requirements and directions can be found by clicking on the links below.
5. The quilt must have a Christmas theme: use Christmas fabrics, holly, wreaths, trees, santas, snowflakes, etc
6. The quilt must be quilted, bound and labeled.
7. The quilt must have at least one embellishment, such as yo-yos, buttons, lace, or ribbon.
8. Quilts must be submitted for the December combined meeting

Christmas Star Challenge Directions

click here to download Star template

Mystery Quilt 2005 Susan Druding

Mystery Quilt Summer 2005
Susan Druding Fat Mystery 2005