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Baby Love Program


Quilts made for BABY LOVE Program

Baby Love is our Community Outreach program. We provide quilts to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center since the late 90īs. The quilts are given to infants admitted to the NICU for 5 days or longer, or deceased premature infants. This program has had a tremendously positive impact to all those involved from the families of the infants to the medical care givers and even the ladies who help make the quilts. With the help of our guild members we are able to donate between 140 and 170 quilts each year.

This program is sponsored by several groups. This year we have received donations from the Sembach Enlisted Spouses Association, The Ramstein Enlisted Spouses Association and the Ramstein Officers Spouses Club. We also receive many donations of fabric from our members.

Thank you to all who have helped in keeping this wonderful program a success!
~ The Baby Love Team
Wouldn't it be nice
Not to think twice
To make a quilt for Baby Love
That warms a child like a glove
So have no fear
To make at least one quilt a year!